ВАЗ 2108. Історія, цікаві факти.

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Відкрив для себе багато нового, раджу всім прочитати 🙂
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Up, others versione of “Samara”: the new “Samara” sedan (also called “Forma”), the last hatchback version, a truck version. The aerodynamic (Cx=0,36) was sufficient, the stability was good (the vote was “five stars”- the maximum- on the italian review “Quattroruote”!), but the suspension, for this, were terribly hard, and the rumble of the engine -good about the performance- very high. The construction, usually for the Eastern cars, was of poor quality, but better than other Eastern cars.

З аеродинамікою наплутали, насправді Cx=0,46.

“Samara-EVA” of the 1987, with a 1860 cc. engine (16V, turbocharger, electronic injection, 300 hp!), placed centrally, derived from the “Zhiguli-2106″…although the only part remained from the “Zhiguli” engine is the cylinder block, and of the “Samara” there are only the shape of the coachwork -realized in fiberglass- and the headlights!! It was realized also in other versions without supercharger (160 hp)

Я в шоці. В далекому 87 році ВАЗ зумів поставити 16v, турбіну, і інжектор. Чого ж на конвеєр інжектор і 16v ГБЦ пішла значно пізніше… 🙁

Another very powerful version was the “Samara T3” (four pics above), that also won a Pharons Rally in Africa…but this version, indeed, hasn’t Lada parts: it had a Porsche six-cylinders engine, 3600 cc, 300 hp, 220 km/h!

Lada Samara T3

Made in the 1989 by the Russian “NAMI” Research Institute (the author was M. Menzulov), it was called NAMI “0290-Appelsin” (“appelsin” stands for “orange” in Russian); it had the engine of the “Zhiguli”, 1600 cc, equipped with a Mitsubishi turbocharger, for 180 hp and 210 km/h. The transmission was permanent 4WD with viscous joints, with a torque ripartition of 50:50% between the axles. The side doors were taken from the ZAZ “Tavria”, the rear lights from the “Samara”. The total weight was 960 kg.

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